Petri Damstén is a talented self taught photographer, artist and computer engineer, who creates images as a therapy. Petri based in Kuopio, Finland. After he had to retire from his normal daily work, he has put a lot of his feelings to photographs. For his new series “Dystopia”, Damstén captured amazing melancholy self portraits. Damstén uses Nikon D800, Nikon D7000 and Fujifilm X-E1 cameras.

After retirement I have expressed a lot of my feelings in my photographs. It has been very therapeutic. When making this series I went through my mental journey in the past years by picturing it as a dystopian society. Little human facing a faceless society was an easy role to play. I have taken a lot of self portraits so it was obvious that I play the role of a human in these pictures myself. Looking at the world now, the pictures also work on a larger scale and not just as one man’s battle inside his head.

Petri Damstén