Ksenia Telepova is a talented photographer, installator and performance artist currently based in Berlin, Germany. Ksenia was born in 1988 in Havanna, Cuba, in 1991 she moved to Jekaterinburg, Russia, where she received her Master of Philosophy at the Ural State University. Telepova shoots a lot of fashion, portrait and fine art photography.

For me there are some basic moments which define my actions in art and in the development of my projects. There is a principle of honesty and sincerity. From this starting point I create the methods and the main motives of my work. Subjects that excite me are focal points for the memory, daily experiences and the feeling of the present moment. I am convinced that the human being is lonely and is not able to overstep the borders of himself or herself. On the one hand, I constantly struggle with this perception, trying to demonstrate that the human is an extremely open system. And in showing this, at this point, I am guided by the body, which is for me the main source of self-recognition and which encompasses my surroundings. I listen to the body: I regard it as the most honest tool and I use it as a reference point. Attentively and with concentration, I perceive everything with the skin, with each source of contact, with the alive or the lifeless. For me the body is reactive in the sense that it is always capable to pick up and answer external signals. My task as an artist is not to miss and, at the same time, to record these reactions. For this reason my main way to express myself is the use of the genre of performance. On the other hand, I follow my perceptions, I remain constantly isolated, analysing myself. But I am engaged in the analysis of everyday things which happen suddenly and unexpectedly. For me, it is important to demonstrate their existence. By means of art, I try to make each and every thing that is found in my environment visible; I’m forcing all that is surrounding me to be there, and to be discovered. I’m obligating the world to exist, to come to life; a world filled with the smallest and most insignificant subjects and phenomena; just small things like a thread on the jacket of a neighbour in the subway, or thrown-out pieces of paper, or just a broken branch of a tree, the rustling of dry flowers, the sky that remains grey for days, or a dress in an armoire, snowdrifts, torn stockings, a dropped-out eyelash or just a casually said word. All of these facts and events – normally considered of minor importance – exist through my work of art.

– Ksenia Telepova